Reserve a space for our Girls’ Discovery Morning and Lunch on:

Saturday 7th March

Be one of the first ten to enrol for the Elstree Pioneer Award*

Reserve your space to our exciting Girls’ Discovery morning and lunch at Elstree School on Saturday 7th March 2020 between 10.00am and 1.30pm below. The event is open to girls in current Years 2, 3 and 4.

To celebrate Elstree School becoming fully co-educational, the first ten girls who then enrol for a place in September 2020, will be offered the Elstree Pioneer Award*. This equates to a 50% reduction of the day fees for the duration of their time here (see accompanying Terms & Conditions*).

Get a feel for Elstree, meet other families, and talk to our Headmaster Sid Inglis and Staff. Let your daughter join in the activities, and ask our Year 4 pupil Sophie as many questions as she likes. #JustAskSophie

About Us

At Elstree, we are academically ambitious and provide a first class all-round education. The emphasis is on building confidence, developing talent and maximising potential.

Our pupils go on to the top public schools and we are immensely proud of the strong Common Entrance and Scholarship record. Forty-five scholarships and exhibitions have been awarded to Elstree pupils since 2015.

Set in 150 acres, Elstree has an all-weather pitch, modern music department, lake for kayaking, and forest for bush camps and crafts.

Children are nurtured and encouraged to work hard, but be kind. They achieve great things without feeling stressed or under pressure.

With class sizes averaging 12, Elstree pupils are given the opportunity to shine, and develop a sense of accomplishment and personal worth.

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*Terms & Conditions of Elstree Pioneer Award

  • Eligibility: The Elstree Pioneer Award (the “Award”) will be given to the first 10 girls whose parents accept a place for them in Years 3, 4 and 5 to start at the School in September 2020.  The Award is on offer on a first-come-first-served basis, with the selected 10 girls being the first 10 in respect of whom the School received both a completed Acceptance Form and payment of the deposit required under the Parent Contract.
  • Value of the Award: The Award equates to a 50% reduction of the School’s day fees only for the duration of the pupil’s time at the School.
  • Obligations of the pupil: A pupil who is the subject of the Award is required to work hard, to comply with the School Rules and Terms and Conditions, to uphold the aims and good name of the School and to contribute positively to the life of the School.
  • Obligations of the parent/s: The parent/guardians are expected to support and encourage the pupil to fulfil the pupil’s obligations set out above, and to uphold themselves, the aims, rules and good name of the School.  The parents/guardians are required to pay the balance of the account by the first day of term.
  • Withdrawal of the Award: The Award may be withdrawn by written notice sent to a parent/guardian if, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, the pupil or parent/guardian has not met the obligations set out in paragraphs iii and iv above or otherwise the pupil has fallen below the required standards of conduct and progress and in the opinion of the Governors there has been no significant improvement following consultation with a parent/guardian and/or the pupil.  It may also be withdrawn in the event that the balance of the account remains unpaid 28 days after a written reminder has been sent to a parent/guardian.  Withdrawal of the Award shall take effect from the start of the following term.
  • Fees in lieu of notice: The benefits receivable under the Award will not apply to any term for which the School has required payment of fees in lieu of notice.
  • Parent Contract: These Terms And Conditions Of The Elstree Pioneer Award should be read alongside the School’s normal Terms and Conditions which remain in force except insofar as the Award affects the requirement to pay fees.